To avoid various types of Kovid-19 including Omicron, it is advised to take precautions like wearing mask, washing hands, maintaining social distance, avoiding crowded places.

According to experts, after keeping all these things in mind, it is also very important to strengthen the body from within, so that the virus does not dominate. Strong immunity is essential to stay away from this virus.

People use many methods to boost the immune system. For example, exercise to boost immunity, immune boosting drinks, immune boosting substances, etc. At the same time, some people spend money on immunosuppressive drinks that are available in the market.

If you can also consume some things kept in the kitchen to boost immunity, which will help strengthen the immune system. Such as


Turmeric is one of the most important ingredients in every kitchen. It is a medicine or spice that is used in every home.

Turmeric is very effective in boosting the immune system and relieving colds, coughs and chest congestion in any season. According to the PLOS ONE (Public Library of Science) journal, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties,

Which are known to boost immunity and physical strength. Turmeric can be consumed with milk, hot water or tea.


Cinnamon is one of the spices found in Indian cuisine. Adding just a pinch to the meal makes the dish taste delicious.

Cinnamon is very beneficial for boosting the immune system. It can be consumed to prevent various diseases that occur in winter and to boost immunity.

Cinnamon was also a major factor in the decoction reported by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, in the Corona epidemic. It can be consumed in tea, in decoctions, in meals.


Ginger has anti-microbial, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Consumption of ginger helps boost immunity, but keep in mind that too much of it can be dangerous to health.

It is more beneficial to consume it cooked in milk or dried ginger powder. Eating half a teaspoon of ginger powder in green tea or making a paste of it in honey works to boost the immune system.


Pimples have many medicinal properties. It is also used in many homes to enhance the taste of food. Adding it to a meal gives it a spicy taste. Its powder can be consumed with honey, can be eaten with chili powder,

Its powder can be drunk mixed with masala tea or eaten sprinkled on fruits and salads. It is a very good herb for improving digestion and boosting the immune system.


Amla powder is found in almost every kitchen. It is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and also helps boost overall immunity.

According to research, amla contains tannins, which help the body fight off harmful toxins, which strengthen the immune system. It can be consumed in various ways. For example, making powders, mixing in trays, making pickles, drying etc.