1) First of all, tie the knot that neither click on any unknown link nor make the mistake of opening any such link.

2) Not only this, you have to always keep in mind that if any file is given in any such link, then do not make the mistake of downloading it even by forgetting it. Downloading this file loaded with the virus can also hack your Smartphone.

3) If you receive a link in which you are asked to download a mobile app, then be careful, because this app can also be a virus trap for you that can harm you.

4) In the affair of free WiFi, people often connect their phones to public Wi-Fi. But doing this can become a problem for you because somewhere in the circle of free you can get caught in the clutches of a Virus.

5) To protect the phone from Malware or say that viruses, you should have a good quality Antivirus that can save you from getting into any trouble. That's because anti-virus alerts you.