Many of you may need a translation. It is easy to translate from text to text but it becomes difficult when a sentence written in a photo has to be translated.

It is most needed when we travel to a place where the language is different from our own. You can translate the text of the photo with the help of Google Translate. You can also translate the photo of a signboard into your language. Let us know its method.

How to use Google Translate to translate photos
Go to Google Translate's site from your phone's browser or laptop's browser.

Select your language.

Now click on the camera icon.

Now focus the camera on the photo on which you want to translate the text.

After this, Google Translate will automatically detect the text and translate it into your language.

You can also manually select the text visible on the phone screen.

If you want to translate a photo by clicking it, crop the text area closely.

You can also change the translation language by going to the Detect Language option.
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