Google has announced that it will now also inform users about spam calls. With this feature, users will now be able to detect spam calls even before picking up the call. Do not know whether people will stop using the Truecaller app after this feature.

Google has made another new announcement before the year 2022 ends. According to media reports, Google has announced that it will inform users about spam calls through Google Voice. The company will provide this facility to the users through Artificial Intelligence technology.

How will this feature

In this feature, even before the user picks up a call, a red color spam call warning will appear on his screen. According to the report, Google will also warn users about spam calls through the voice feature.

With this feature, users will get information about spam calls even before picking up the phone. Along with this, if there is a call that is spam but a spam alert did not come during the call, then users can mark it as spam. Due to this, next time that user along with other users will also get a spam number warning.

All features are available in Truecaller

Even though Google is going to bring this feature now, all these features are already present on Truecaller. This app is used by a large number of users in India. But now that Google is also going to start such a facility, will people stop using Truecaller app because Google will give information about spam calls through voice also?

Now whether users will use this feature of Google or not, only time will tell. But Google is certainly going to give a big blow to Truecaller.

Some Android apps provide this facility

It should also be mentioned here that apart from Truecaller, some Android phones already have such a feature that informs users about spam calls. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is also one such smartphone in which a spam call feature is available inbuilt.

Apart from this, some other phones also come in the market which gives information about spam calls. However, this built-in feature does not give as accurate information as Truecaller gives to its users about spam calls.