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In summer, we like to eat lemonade, jaljeera, shake, juice, and ice cream to save the body from heatstroke. But we recommend you drink 'Rose Mojito'. Its consumption not only prevents coolness in summer but also prevents dehydration. Know how to make Moito every day-

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To make Rose Moito, one lemon juice, black salt, white salt, four tablespoons of rose syrup, two teaspoons of soaked chia seeds, and three to four ice cubes, soda, and mint leaves will be required. After arranging all these, first of all, take chia seeds and keep them soaked for 10 to 15 minutes.

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Now put lemon juice, black salt, and white salt in a serving glass. Later add rose syrup, chia seeds, mint leaves, and ice to it. Now add soda from above and mix it well. In this way 'Thanda-Thanda Rose Moito' is ready. Now you drink it and give it to the guest too.