Parents are always worried about the future of their daughters. Be it his education or marriage. In such a situation, the government brings various schemes for you, through which the education of women or their future can be improved.

What is Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana?

SukanyaSamriddhiYojana is being run since the year 2014. The purpose of which is to easily meet the expenses of the education of daughters and their marriage. So that middle-class families can get help. Under the scheme, the account of 'SukanyaSamriddhiYojana' can be opened with the Department of Posts for the education or marriage of the daughter. Let us tell you that you can open this account from any post office of the Department of Posts.

What is special about the plan?

  • SukanyaSamriddhiYojana Account is opened in the name of your daughter. In which from 1 thousand rupees to 1.5 lakh rupees can be deposited within a year.
  • You have to deposit money after 14 years of account opening. But you can withdraw it only after completing 21 years.
  • When the girl child turns 18, you can withdraw half the money from the account. Apart from this, after 21 years of opening the account, this account will be closed automatically and you will get the money with interest.

How to open an account?

Under SukanyaSamriddhiYojana, the account is opened after the birth of a girl child at the age of fewer than 10 years which you can deposit or open with a price of Rs.250. Under this scheme, your remittance amount will be doubled in 9 years and 4 months.

Where to open an account?

The account can be opened under SukanyaSamriddhiYojana from any post office or any commercial branch.

65 lakhs can be deposited by making small savings-

If you can save a little money every day, it will be of great help to you. If you invest in this scheme in the year 2022 and your daughter is only 1 year old, then by saving around Rs 400 every day, you can save Rs 65,00,000 after 21 years.

How to deposit the amount?

Under SukanyaSamriddhiYojana, money can be deposited in the account by cash, demand draft, check or any such instrument. For this, it is very important to write the name of the person depositing the money and the account holder. Apart from this, you can also deposit money in the account through online mode.

Tax exemption is available-

SukanyaSamriddhiYojana has got the status of Exempt-Exempt-Exempt. Under which you get tax exemption by investing in this scheme, apart from this your return is also tax-free.

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