When it comes to styling, most women prefer to copy the style of other women. But the outfit which looks good on one woman doesn't need to also suit the other. This is because the body type and body shape of every woman are different. In such a situation, to create the best look, first, understand your body and style yourself accordingly.

One of the different body shapes is the apple-shaped body. This is a body type in which the bust is large, while the hips appear slim and flat. The legs and arms of such women are also slim. When such women style themselves, they have to strike a balance between their upper body and lower body and also highlight the best features of their body. So today in this article, we are telling you about some similar styling tips, which are going to be very useful for women with apple-shaped bodies-

Upper wear

When you are styling upper wear, try to choose a neckline that will give a slim look to your apple-shaped body. In such a situation, styling long neckline and V neckline can be considered. Apart from this, you can wear wrap style top. At the same time, while wearing the top, you should also pay attention to the sleeves. If you are keeping short sleeves, then tight fitted sleeves can be chosen. At the same time, you can also style kimona sleeves in long sleeves.

Wear these jeans

Jeans are one such outfit, which every woman likes to wear. But even while styling jeans, you should take care of your body type. The apple-shaped woman's legs are slim, so you can highlight her in your look. For this, you can wear slim jeans. Apart from this, bootcut jeans and skinny jeans also look great on apple-shaped women.

Get a stylish look with pants

Similar to jeans, styling bootcut and straight-leg pants can be a good option for an apple-shaped woman. Moreover, high waist pants also look good on apple-shaped women as it defines your waistline as well as draw attention to the lower half. If you want, you can also consider pairing belt-style pants with the pants.

When to wear a dress

There is no outfit that women cannot carry; it just needs to be styled properly. For example, if your body is apple-shaped, you can still wear summer dresses. However, such women have to take care of some things while wearing the dress.

Off-shoulder maxi dress and summer dress look great on apple-shaped women. At the same time, you can also consider wearing a wrap dress to give a more defined look to your waistline. You can wear different refreshing prints keeping the season in mind.

So now whenever you style your apple-shaped body, flaunt your unique look with the help of these styling tips.


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