Nowadays people mostly consume spicy and oily food. It is also very tasty, but such foods are also very harmful from a health point of view. Not only this, if you remain on an empty stomach even for a short time, it can also be harmful to your health. You might have noticed that after some time you start having sour belching and feel a burning sensation in the chest.

However, wrong eating habits are also responsible for this problem. At the same time, people mostly ignore the acidity caused by staying on an empty stomach. Which may turn out to be a serious disease after some time. According to health experts, if a person has heartburn or sour belching due to acidity, then it promotes cancer cells in the stomach. Due to this, there is a possibility of serious and fatal diseases like cancer in the upper or lower part of your stomach. Today we will tell you about the symptoms of stomach cancer. Besides, it is also important to get it treated on time, otherwise, the person's life may be in danger.

Why does stomach cancer occur?
If a person often has acidity problems, then you should understand that it causes a dangerous infection called H. pylori inside the stomach. It gradually damages your DNA. Later on, this infection increases the risk of stomach cancer. Not only this, if you have continuous problems of acidity, then the good acid of the stomach also gets imbalanced. If a person has an acidity problem for a long time, then the mucus and DNA in his stomach are not repaired. Due to this, there is a risk of cancer.

Symptoms of stomach cancer
1. Frequent burning sensation in the person's chest
2. The person experiences sour belching even on an empty stomach or normally.
3. Bad breath
4. Tooth decay or worm infestation
5. Frequent stomach pain
6. Digestive problems

Ways to avoid stomach cancer
1. Keep yourself away from taking any kind of intoxication.
2. Practice exercise or yoga daily.
3. Consume spicy and oily foods in very small quantities.
4. Control increasing weight.
5. Keep a gap of at least 2 to 3 hours between eating and sleeping.
6. Do not lie down or sit immediately after eating.

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