Many beliefs have always been associated with the construction of Ram Setu. Some believe that it was prepared by the monkey army. So there some say, it was built by a businessman from Kolkata. At the same time, some scientists believe that this is a natural bridge made of limestone. This bridge, present in Tamil Nadu, India, still holds religious significance. From here the aerial view looks great. This bridge is connected Pamban Island of India to Mannar Island of Sri Lanka. Let us tell you some interesting things about this bridge.
A bridge that can be walked on -

It is said that Ram Setu was above sea level. Some historical records suggest that people used to walk and cross this bridge till the 15th century. It is about 3 to 30 feet deep from the ground. This bridge was somewhat broken due to a storm in 1480.

Many names of the bridge were -
You all know the name of Ram Setu present in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, but do you know that it has many other names as well. The bridge is also known as Adam's Bridge, Nal Setu, and Setu Bandh. Since this bridge was built by Lord Rama and his monkey army, most people know it by the name of Ram Setu. It is also called Nal Setu, as it was designed by Nal. The name Adam's Bridge is given by ancient Islamic texts.

Can't go ship
In the year 1480, the bridge was submerged underwater after a major cyclone at sea. By the way, today Ram Setu is underwater, but still, ships are not allowed here. In fact, the water is quite shallow with a few points and depth levels and the bridge is not even completely submerged. Because of this, ships from India have to take another route to reach Sri Lanka.

How old is Ram Setu?
There are many different beliefs related to how old Ram Setu is. According to many legends, this bridge is about 3 thousand years old. So according to some it is said to be 7 thousand old.

Even scientists could not solve the mystery -
This bridge amazes people because of its design and history. Even scientists have not been able to solve the mystery of its construction to date. No one has been able to know about the technology used to connect the stones together in the construction of this bridge. Scientists from all over the world are engaged in much research about this.