Smartphone users need a phone to do most of the work. They often face problems regarding battery. He uses the phone for just a few hours and the battery seems to drain. But many such mistakes happen.

Due to this battery life is adversely affected. Here we are going to tell you how you can optimize the battery of your phone. If you do not make this mistake, your phone's battery will last for a long time.

Keep display brightness low
There are some users who always keep the display brightness at full. Which definitely affects the battery life of the phone. Besides, it is also not good for the eyes. We should keep adjusting the brightness as per the need. If you do this, you will find that the battery has already started functioning well to a great extent.

Uninstall battery-draining apps
There are many such unnecessary apps on smartphones. Which we use very little. But they are consuming a lot of battery in the background. Due to this, the phone's battery drains very quickly. Therefore such apps should be uninstalled.

Turn on the Adaptive Battery
There are some settings in our phone which should be kept on. We should always keep optimization on to make the battery last longer. It also has a feature of Adaptive Battery. Keeping it on consumes less battery.

Keyboard sounds and vibrations
Some users set vibration on the keyboard layout. Due to this a lot of battery is consumed. In such a situation, keyboard sounds and vibrations should not be used to save battery.

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