You go to any dermatologist or ask a skin consultant, everyone will have to say the same thing that sunscreen is very important for skincare. If you are thinking about anti-aging skincare then you must apply sunscreen. Sunscreen works to protect your skin in every season, but many people do not know what the right way to apply sunscreen is.

Many people say that they do daily skincare and use sunscreen, yet their effect does not show properly on their face or there is a problem of sunburn, etc.

But could it be that you have not applied sunscreen properly on your face? Many people think that what is the big deal in this, is just to apply it on the face, but sometimes your applying it in the right way makes the skin routine very good.

Many people take it only a little and apply it to their face, but this is not the right way. Dermatologist, Acneologist, and Certified Trichologist from Australia Dr. Suyomi Shah have shared a video related to this on his Instagram account.

How to apply sunscreen properly?

Doctor Sue has told in this video that it is not right to apply sunscreen on the face with just a little bit, but it should be applied on two fingers. That is, you have to take as much sunscreen as can come in your index and middle finger and then apply it on your face.

After doing this, your face will immediately look very white and you will feel that you have applied a lot of product on the face, but that does not mean that you cannot blend it. You spend some time just massaging your face with it.

After a while, you will find that it has started getting absorbed well in your skin. This is the right way to apply sunscreen so that the inner layer gets protection. If you apply it well on the skin, then it will protect your face even more.

What are the benefits of applying sunscreen like this?

Applying sunscreen this way means that you are reaching the inner layer of your skin. In this case, these benefits are available-

  • more protection
  • protection to the inner layer
  • protection from sunburn
  • prevention of wrinkles
  • good facial blood circulation