Things You Should Not Apply on Oily Skin: People who have oily skin have to take special care of their face, otherwise it has a bad effect on the beauty of the face. We often apply such beauty products or face packs on oily skin which can cause harm. Today we are going to tell you about those things that should not be used on oily skin.

Do not apply these 4 things on oily skin

Only those beauty products that are light should be applied on oily skin. It is advisable not to moisturize such a face on more than one level. If you keep the body hydrated then skin problems go away.

1. Cream

Using cream to brighten the face is quite normal, but if people with oily skin do this, then the oil content on the face will increase further, which can lead to an increase in boils and pimples.

2. Petroleum Jelly

We use petroleum jelly to remove many facial problems, but if you apply this product to a face that is already oily, the skin will become more sticky.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is no less than a medicine for the skin, but never use it on oily skin because it will clog the pores of the face, which increases the risk of pimples and rashes.

4. Gram flour

A face pack made from gram flour is often used to enhance the beauty of the face, but it is not good for oily skin, because it irritates the face.

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