Top business schools in India look for many important qualities in an MBA candidate, such as the candidate's aptitude for the demanding and demanding MBA program.

If you are also a student who wants to take admitted to top business schools in India, there are two aspects of management education – skills required for MBA aspirants to get admission in any MBA program and skills required during the MBA program What will be the study course of the students? If Indian students have a clear knowledge about both these aspects, then such students will be greatly helped in making future career plans. Professor Rajeev Kumar, Faculty - Operations Management Groups, IIM Calcutta has discussed both these aspects in detail for Indian students in an interview and we are presenting the key excerpts of this interview in this article for your convenience. Let's read this article further:

Interview Highlights

What to do to crack MBA Admission Interviews?

Generally, how do MBA candidates present themselves in an interview? ......... are often influenced by the feedback they get about this from their peers, coaching centers, and other such sources. But, despite thorough preparation, interview panels often find MBA candidates lacking in genuineness and originality. Especially when a candidate has to tell about his/her strengths and weaknesses, it will be better for the candidates if they try to be truthful and precise in their approach. No member of the interview panel expects that the candidate will have an understanding and knowledge of every topic. So, being clear and honest during an MBA interview can help you impress the interview panel better.

The panel does not pay much attention to how the candidate is dressed or how he presents himself. Since it is natural for any candidate to be a little nervous and jittery during the interview, therefore, generally, the panel does not consider it as a disadvantage against the candidate.

But, during the interview itself, the interviewers also check your academic skills and professional experience. On the academic front, the panel will try to judge how well you have performed in your studies?.....and whether you are capable of handling the pressure that an MBA student goes through during an MBA program.

Similarly, the interview panel will also ask questions related to your work experience so that they can know how much professional life experience you have. Candidates are expected to share with the panel specific experiences of their professional life such as, what challenges they faced and what strategies they adopted to overcome those challenges. Apart from this, the panel will also try to find out how much knowledge you have about the organization and industry in which you worked.


An important part of this definition is that as a well-rounded professional, you should not only take care of your career interest and job interest but also pay full attention to the happenings around you. If you do not demonstrate this attitude in the interview, then it seems that you are missing a bit in your approach.

Top Indian business schools look for these skills in their MBA candidates

The most important quality that business schools look for in an MBA candidate is the candidate's ability and talent to complete the rigorous and demanding MBA program. In this regard, they first check the academic capability of the candidate. Students who have a strong academic track record, their academic track records let the business school's selection committee know that the student can complete the pace and pressure of an MBA program, both in terms of curricular and extra-curricular aspects. have the ability to do.

Similarly, business schools try to check other aspects of the students other than academics in which the candidates have achieved some mastery or achievement. It can be any hobby of the candidates or information about special events happening around the candidates or general information etc. Showing mastery and interest in an extra-curricular area show that you are not just a 'bookworm' but also deeply interested in life around you.

Similarly, if you have work experience, the business school tries to find out how interested you are in your job, the company you worked in, and the industry you worked in. The business school will also try to find out how aware you are of serious economic or business trends in the field you worked in.

Indian students learn these skills in their MBA program

During an MBA program, a student acquires skills in 2 broad categories. The first category is technical or functional skills. These skills are related to core business fundamentals such as finance, accounting, operations, and marketing. In a business school, you will get complete information or review related information about all these business fundamentals and also understand the practical importance of these fundamentals while doing business.

Another aspect of an MBA program that is often overlooked by MBA students is the behavioral aspects of the program. They are also known colloquially as soft skills. Behavioral skills are very important for business managers. These skills enhance your ability to work with many people who may not necessarily share your views. Soft skills help managers to resolve conflicts and these skills teach managers to effectively interact with people, especially in situations where people and their work depend on each other.

About Expert:

Professor Rajeev Kumar is part of the Organizational Behavior Group at IIM Calcutta. He has done Fellowship (equivalent to Ph.D.) from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. As a faculty member at IIM Calcutta, he teaches various compulsory and elective subjects such as Business Research Methods, Human Behavior in the Office, Designing Effective Organizations, Interpersonal Skills, and Leadership. Before starting his career in academia, he worked as an HR consultant at Hewitt Associates. Before this, he also worked for 3+ years in an NGO namely Society for the Promotion of Wastelands Developments (SPWD) in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

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