Young children often face various health problems. One of these is the problem of gas. Often a lot of air goes into the baby's stomach while feeding, due to which gas is formed in their stomach. When this gas starts increasing, it puts pressure on their stomach and gives them a lot of pain. Sometimes babies cry a lot due to gas or they also have trouble sleeping due to gas in the stomach. In such a situation, the mother does not understand what has happened to her.

Therefore, if your baby is constantly getting upset or is crying continuously, then first you should find out the problem by looking at his symptoms. Since babies cannot communicate their problems by speaking, it is very important to understand their signs. So, in this article today, Dr KK Gupta, Senior Consultant Pediatrician, Saroj Hospital, Delhi, is telling you about the causes and symptoms of gas problems in the baby-

Why does the baby have a gas problem?

There can be many reasons for the problem of gas in young children. Like-

  • Loss of air in their stomach while drinking milk or while crying continuously.
  • Constipation or other digestive problems.
  • If the child has started eating solid food, then frequent gas formation can also be a sign of food sensitivity.
  • Sometimes the virus can also cause stomach problems such as gas or vomiting in the baby.

Keep crying

This is a common sign. Babies cry for many reasons. But if he keeps on crying continuously and his face is also turning red while crying. Also, if you feel that they are in pain while crying, it could be a symptom of gas in the baby's stomach. When the child has gas, he becomes very uncomfortable, due to which he cries continuously.

Trouble sleeping

Babies become very restless when there is gas in the stomach. Since the gas puts pressure on their stomach, they have trouble sleeping. It may be that due to gas in the stomach, he does not sleep at all and keeps on crying continuously. If the baby wants to sleep, but still is not able to sleep properly, it may be that the gas in his stomach is bothering him.

Not eating well

Like sleeping, the baby also has problems in feeding when there is gas. Such babies are not able to feed properly or even if they feed, then they become very uncomfortable after that.

Pull legs to the chest

When the child has gas in the stomach, he tries to relax. In this sequence, he pulls his legs to his chest. Babies not only cry when there is gas in the stomach, but they also look quite restless. Due to this, he becomes very fussy. In such a situation, try to get the baby to burp or with the help of some simple measures remove the extra gas present in his stomach. If still, he does not get relief, then definitely visit the paediatrician once.

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