In recent times, you must have heard a lot about visceral fat. It is a type of fat that surrounds the internal organs of the body. It is a deep type of fat, due to which people can have many diseases. For example, you have often seen that people are thin, yet they have many other serious health problems like thyroid and diabetes.

Whereas some people are fat, but still they are healthy and they are completely free from many diseases. This happens only because of visceral fat. So, today in this article, RituPuri, Dietician, ESIC Hospital, Central Government Hospital, is telling you in what ways visceral fat can be harmful to health.

What is visceral fat?

Many types of fat are found in the human body. Usually, the fat that people want to reduce is called subcutaneous fat. While the fat stored around the body parts is called visceral fat. This fat is considered the most harmful fat among all fats.

People who have 1 to 10 percent visceral fat in their bodies are normal and healthy. Whereas people whose body mass is more than this quantity, are surrounded by problems like diabetes, and thyroid. But this does not mean that the body does not need visceral fat at all. The body needs a lot of visceral fat in a limited amount. Without visceral fat, the body will not be able to function well, but due to the lack of visceral fat, the immunity of the internal organs of our body may weaken. The layer of visceral fat works to protect these organs.

Method for measuring visceral fat

There are many types of machines available to know whether the amount of visceral fat is increasing in the body. These machines are also known as body composition analysis machines. It has an electronic magnetic range, which gives an accurate record of your weight as soon as it passes through the body.

To use this machine one has to stand over it. The machine will measure your weight and mention the amount of visceral fat in your body. With this, how much subcutaneous fat is there in your body and how much is the overall fat of the body, can also be detected.

Disadvantages of Visceral Fat

Keep in mind that whenever a layer of fat builds up around an organ, it can be harmful to your health. Understand this in such a way that whenever a fat layer is formed between your organs, this layer will not allow your organs to function smoothly. The work of all the organs will go on getting disrupted, due to which the body is sure to be harmed. Simply put, when you try to break a big lock, it doesn't break easily. While the small lock can be easily broken.

This is exactly how visceral fat works in your body. As the number of visceral fat increases in the body, it makes it difficult for the internal organs of your body to work, causing heavy damage to the body.

Apart from this, women may also have to face problems due to visceral fat. Like PCOD, Heart related diseases, Cirrhosis, and Fatty liver. Visceral fat usually grows only in the abdominal area. That's why you have seen people whose body is normal but fat in the stomach. In such people, the amount of visceral fat is very high. Let us tell you that visceral fat is more deadly than the fat stored under the skin.

How to reduce visceral fat

  • To reduce visceral fat, you should pay special attention to some things-
  • Take care of your diet. Always eat healthy things only.
  • Always eat in the right quantity. Avoid overeating.
  • Always eat food at the right time. Will eat later; don't adopt this kind of attitude.
  • Give a short time gap between your every meal and take light meals instead of eating full stomach every time.
  • Do work out regularly. But avoid taking too many protein supplements.
  • Drink a sufficient amount of water throughout the day.
  • Consult a dietician for advice related to diet.

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