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Ghee is the best, no doubt about it!

It is great for everyday use.

However, in some health conditions, it is not so good! This might sound a little strange to you, but it is true. Due to which problems the consumption of ghee should be avoided? We will know about this in detail through this article. We have got this information from the Instagram of Ayurvedic doctor Dr Rekha Radhamani. From time to time, she keeps sharing Ayurvedic tips with her fans.

Sharing information about ghee, he wrote in the caption, 'There is nothing like ghee, but it does not happen to everyone. Let's find out why?'

Benefits of ghee

According to Ayurveda, ghee is very good food for everyday use. It has many amazing benefits-

  • Ghee acts as an anti-ageing agent, which makes your skin look younger for a longer period.
  • It is very good for the eyes. Eye health is good by including ghee in your diet.
  • Improves memory, that is, your memory remains good by consuming ghee.
  • Improves digestion and you can easily get rid of stomach-related problems.
  • The skin improves and there is always a glow on your skin.
  • Improves Ojas.

Disadvantages of ghee

However, ghee is not for everyone. It has some differences-

  • Ghee is the Guru. It is difficult to digest it. If you have any serious problem related to digestion or stomach, then avoids excessive consumption of ghee.
  • Ghee is known to increase Kapha. Therefore, it should be avoided in fever caused by cold and phlegm.
  • Such pregnant women should also avoid excessive consumption of ghee, who have problems with colds and stomach disturbances.
  • Ghee should also be avoided in problems related to the liver and spleen.

Ghee is also a form of fat and overeating can lead to obesity. Therefore, it is necessary to consume ghee in limited quantities so that its health benefits and side effects of ghee can be reduced.

Pregnant women can also benefit from ghee, but they should consult a doctor before adding ghee to their diet. Apart from this, people with heart disease also need to keep a watch on their ghee intake.

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