Shardiya Navratri has special significance in Hinduism. This festival, which falls in the month of Ashwin, is celebrated with great pomp for nine days and ends with RavanaDahan in Dussehra. During these nine days, people worship nine forms of Goddess Durga and offer her blog.

Not only is this, but the practice of decorating Mata’s posts in homes and temples also going on for a long time. People establish a Kalash with the picture of the mother in the house and grow Jau in the cup of the Kalash. It is believed that the greener the barley grows, the more happiness comes into the house.

Some rules have been made in astrology to decorate Mata's post and remove it on a certain day. Let us know from astrologer and Vastu expert DrAartiDahiya on which day the checkpoint should be removed to please the mother and what should be done with the Kalash.

When is Mata Chowki installed?

Those who decorate a chowki in the house to please the mother, establish it from the day of Pratipada. A Kalash is installed near it, coconut is kept in it. An AkhandJyoti is lit near the outpost itself, which is kept lit for the entire nine days or till the post is immersed. After worshipping the mother with true devotion for nine days, the devotees get the blessings of the mother.

An auspicious day to remove Mata's post

It is believed that Navratri fast gets its full fruit only when it is followed properly and it is passed by completing the fast according to the resolution. After fasting for nine days, girl worship is done near the post and only then it is appropriate to remove the mother's post. It is considered right to remove Mata's post on the first day of Navratri and remove it on Dashami Tithi i.e. Dussehra.

Rules for removing Mata's post

After worshipping the girl in Navratri, there is a rule to remove the mother's post in the right way. Coconut and rice of the Kalash should also be used properly. It is also believed that Durga immersion should be done on the day of Dashami. For the nine days of Navratri, a very auspicious yoga is formed in the house that is why the mother's immersion is done on the tenth day after setting up the post of Mother for 9 days. The rice and other materials kept at the bottom of the Kalash should be immersed along with the idol of Goddess Durga.

What to do with rice, coconut and water in the vase

You can give the rice kept in the urn to the birds to eat. Another option is to bury rice grains in the soil near a sacred tree like Peepal, Amla, Banyan etc. The coconut which is with the Kalash kept on the post, distribute among the girls as prasad and taken along with the family.

Sprinkle the water of the Kalash with mango leaves on the four corners of your house and all over the members. You should also take water as a prasad. It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi resides inside the Kalash for 9 days. First sprinkle the water of the Kalash in the kitchen, then in the bedroom, then the whole house and finally at the entrance of the house. Remember not to put this water in the bathroom.

What to do with the urn coin

The coin which is put in the urn, keep it in your safe. The Kalava tied on the Kalash can be tied on your hand or can be worn around the neck. It is said to be the Siddha RakshaKavach of the Goddess, which protects from every trouble.

To remove Mata's post, first of all, get up early and get free from bathing meditation and after that, while worshipping Maa Durga, ask for forgiveness of your mistake. If you are doing Havan, then after performing Havan on Navami day, along with that Havan material, barley, soil and all the worship-related materials should be flown in a river.

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