The month of Sawan is completely dedicated to Lord Shiva and during this time the devotee who worships and anoints water and milk with full devotion gets freedom from all sins. It is believed that if unmarried girls worship Lord Shiva in the month of Sawan, they will soon get a good groom. Not only this, the devotee who worships this whole month with devotion, all his wishes are fulfilled.

According to the belief, the month of Sawan is the best for the worship of Shiva and Lord Shiva is the only deity who gets pleased very quickly by the worship of the devotees. It is believed that he is very naive, hence he is also called Bhole Baba. Although Shiva can be worshipped at any time, Monday is considered the best day for worshipping Shiva in the entire month of Sawan. Let us learn from astrologer and Vastu expert DrAartiDahiyaji how to worship Shiva every Monday of Sawan.

How to do shiv puja

  • Wake up in Brahma Muhurta on Sawan Monday. After this, after cleaning the whole house, retire from bathing.
  • Sprinkle Ganga Jal or holy river water all over the house.
  • Never wear black clothes while worshipping, but wearing mainly green, saffron, yellow, red and white clothes is considered beneficial in Sawan.
  • On this day, along with Lord Shiva, Parvatiji should also be worshipped with flowers, incense, lamps and water.
  • Chanting the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra 108 times on Monday, on the day of Lord Shiva's fast or worship, is also considered very best. This chanting gives freedom from all diseases and gives peace to the mind.
  • Apart from this, chanting the mantra Om NamahShivaya is also beneficial on Sawan Monday. This removes the mental tension of the person.
  • If you observe a fast, eat fruit for the whole day and eat one meal a day, in which grains and salt are not consumed.

What Naivedya should be offered to Shiva?

Various types of naivedya should be offered to Bholenath on Sawan Monday. On this day, you should offer them sugar, white sweets, honey, curd, ghee, sugarcane juice etc. Apart from this, on every Monday of Sawan, milk mixed with water must be offered to Shivling. By offering water to Shivling and chanting Shiva mantras daily, one gets freedom from Shani Dosha.

What to offer on shivling

Offering rice to Lord Shiva during the puja is considered prominent. It is believed that the devotee who offers raw rice to the Shivling gets freedom from all sins and his wishes are fulfilled. But while offering Akshat, keep in mind that the rice grains are not broken.

According to mythology, devotees who observe fast on the Monday of Sawan should offer Bilva leaves, Datura, white flowers, Mogra, Aak flowers, white and blood sandalwood Bhasma, white Madar, Kaner, Bela, Gulab flowers, Bel fruit, cannabis. And one should anoint Lord Shiva with milk. It is believed that Bilva's leaves are very dear to Lord Shiva and on offering Bilva, Lord Shiva is very pleased and bestows his infinite blessings on the devotees. Worshipping Lord Shiva along with Mata Parvati on Sawan Monday gives full results of worship and after worshipping, reading and listening to the fast story of Sawan Monday gives special benefits. On this day, after worshipping Shiva and performing aarti, offer Bhog to Lord Shiva and after distributing it in the household, take it yourself.

Thus fasting and worship performed on Sawan Monday is especially fruitful for the devotees and also opens the doors of freedom from all sins.

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