The month of Sawan is about to start soon and it is considered sacred of all the months. This is a very good occasion when Lord Shiva can be pleased. It is believed that in this month, whoever worships Lord Shiva with a sincere heart, all his sorrows go away.

Keeping a fast on Monday in the whole month of Sawan gives special results. If unmarried girls observe a fast on Monday in the month of Sawan, then their chances of getting married increase. This month you can try some special measures according to your zodiac sign so that the happiness and prosperity of the house remain. Let us know about those remedies from astrologer and Vastu expert DrAartiDahiyaji.


In the month of Sawan with the Taurus sign, go to the Shiva temple and bathe the Shivling with sugarcane juice. To please Lord Shiva, mix curd, and sugar with mogra flowers and offer it on Shivling. Offer sweets and do their aarti. It will be of great benefit to you.


To please the God of the Gemini zodiac, anoint Shivling with sugarcane juice daily. Offer kumkum sandalwood. Offer flowers of Datura, Bhang and Aak to Shiva. All your wishes will be fulfilled.


The native of the Cancer zodiac should worship the Shivling of crystal. Worship Shivling daily with sandalwood, raw milk and water. Also, chant Om NamahShivaya 108 times. Lord Shiva is pleased by this remedy and fills the empty bag of his devotees.

Leo sun sign

To get the blessings of Lord Shiva, the people of the Leo zodiac should anoint the Shivling by mixing sugar and water with the juice of various fruits. You will benefit.


The natives of Virgo should offer flowers of the bell, datura, cannabis and figures. At the same time, offer prasad and flowers to the Lord by placing prasad and flowers on the Bel leaves. This puja will help to eradicate your bad deeds


People of the Libra zodiac should put different flowers in water and offer them on Shivling. Offer Mogra, Bel leaves, Sandalwood, and Rice also to God. All your problems will be solved.


Offer pure water to Shivling. Also, offer ghee and honey. After this, anoint the Shivling with water. You will also benefit from donating lentils.


People of this zodiac should do Abhishek by mixing saffron in milk. Offer yellow flowers to God and mix saffron in Kheer and offer it. With this remedy, all your sorrows will go away.


Capricorn people anoint Lord Shiva with sesame oil. Offer bilva leaves, cannabis, datura, flowers and Ashtagandha. This will remove all your troubles.


The people of Aquarius should anoint Lord Shiva with coconut water, and sugarcane juice, throughout the month of Sawan. Offer white and black sesame seeds in water to Shivling. Lord Shiva loves sesame very much. So offering it will benefit you.


People of the Pisces zodiac should offer gram dal on Shivling. Chant Om NamahShivaya 108 times. This remedy can end all the difficulties in your life.

If you take measures according to the zodiac sign for the whole month of Sawan, then you will get financial benefits and happiness and prosperity will remain in the house.

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