Women's day 2023: Most women are worried about their safety while traveling alone. It is not safe for women to travel alone, especially in the evening or at night. In such a situation, if you want, you can keep some safety tools with you in the handbag. Which will not only help you in times of trouble, but you will not have any problem carrying them. While leaving the house, most women keep all the things they need like makeup products in their handbags. But in such a situation, many women often ignore their safety. That's why we are going to share with you some women's safety tips, by following which you can ensure your safety even alone.

Keep pepper spray: Keeping pepper spray in handbags for women can prove to be very beneficial. A small bottle of pepper spray can be helpful in keeping you out of big trouble. At the same time, different sizes of pepper spray bottles are easily available in the market.

Keep scissors: The use of scissors is quite common for office purposes or other everyday tasks. In such a situation, you can also keep scissors in your handbag with you. With this, not only can you make many tasks easier, but you can also ensure your safety.

Use Safety Pin: Use of safety pin is common in the daily routine of women. Usually, women take the help of safety pins to tuck the dress. But a safety pin can also prove to be the best safety tool for you. You can protect yourself by pricking it on the attacker.

Carry Nailcutter or Swiss Knife: Women can carry a nailcutter or knife in their bag to ensure safety. Especially having a Swiss Knife can prove to be a better option for you. With the help of this you can retaliate immediately against the attacker.

Take the help of the key: While traveling alone, you can protect yourself by using the key. As soon as the attacker attacks, you can react immediately with the help of the sharp part of the key. That's why, while leaving the house, keep a big pointed key in your hand bag.