Disadvantages of mango heat: Always keep mango in water for half an hour before eating or keeping it in the fridge. If you do not do this then you can become a victim of many diseases.
There are many benefits of soaking mango in water before eating it. So much everyone knows that mango should always be eaten cold, but it should not be refrigerated but in water. Even after freezing in the fridge, you can be harmed by eating. So now whenever you eat mango, immerse it in water for half an hour and after that, eat it or keep it in the fridge.
The reason behind soaking mango in water is not only to remove its chemicals, but there are many other reasons behind it as well. Let's know what problems can happen if mango is not soaked in water.Skin problem
If mangoes are not soaked in water for at least 30 minutes before eating, then skin problems can occur. Boils and pimples are only due to the heat of mango. Many people start having pimples, acne or other skin problems by eating mango or some have constipation, headache or other stomach related problems. The reason behind this is the inability of mango to get out of heat.Chemicals can cause harm
Harmful insecticides and insecticides are used in mango trees and plants. Also, sometimes carbide is used to ripen the mango. If these chemicals go into the stomach, they can cause food poisoning, skin allergies, skin irritation. The problem of headache is also caused by this. Because the chemicals are not easily removed even after washing and they fill the mango with extreme heat. If mangoes are soaked then all these problems can be overcome.
Fat will start depositing
Mangoes start accumulating instead of burning fat, because the phytochemicals present in mangoes are strong, so their concentration increases when they are unable to absorb water. And they start accumulating instead of burning natural fat.
Body temperature may rise
Eating mango raises the temperature of the body, due to which thermogenics are produced. However, soaking the mango in water for a while will help reduce it. Increased thermogenic production can cause problems like acne, constipation, headache.
Phytic acid will cause heavy damage
Phytic acid is a type of nutrition, which is an anti-nutrient. It prevents the body from absorbing iron, zinc, calcium and other minerals. Due to this acid, there is a lack of minerals in the body. Also, it generates heat in the body. Therefore, if it is kept in water for half an hour, then the effect of this phytic acid is removed.
Disclaimer- The tips and advice suggested in the article provide general information only. Before trying them, please consult a specialist or doctor.