Often there is a stage in marriage or relationship when couples start arguing with each other. Sometimes your thoughts or preferences do not match yours.

You start arguing with each other or there are often arguments. When such a situation arises, we begin to forget the beautiful feelings in our relationship. (Relationship Tips)

You may get away with these quarrels, but then you will regret these small quarrels and remember your spouse. But sometimes these small quarrels can ruin the relationship. Are you in the same phase of your relationship? When you meet your spouse, you often have arguments or talk rudely to each other.

If this is happening in your relationship then you can save your relationship by avoiding these quarrels by adopting some simple tips in time. Learn what to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

Talk to your spouse: - Talking to your spouse can eliminate many problems in the relationship. He doesn't want to sit down and talk to you because of frequent arguments, so make time for him to do small things. For example, instead of sitting down and talking, you can go for a walk and tell them your feelings or understand their feelings while talking. You can talk to your spouse no matter where you leave him.

Solve the problem as soon as possible: - If you have a quarrel over something, instead of waiting for each other to be persuaded, sit down together and work out a solution. Leaving things on time can lead to more problems in the relationship. Find out what they don't like about you and what makes you angry about them. So that next time the two of them should not allow such things to happen in the relationship.

Don't answer in anger: - Sometimes you may feel bad about your partner, but it would be better to remain silent instead of answering in anger. Your spouse may have said this inadvertently or with the intention of hurting your feelings, but if you react angrily at that time, things may get worse. In that case, change the case and do something else.

Do not change your behavior after an argument: - After an argument between partners, they do not treat each other as they used to. Like having a meal together, or calling and texting each other. No matter how many arguments or fights you have, don't change your routine or schedule with them. Send them a good night's message even after an argument, or have a cup of tea together.

Give each other time: - Most of the quarrels are due to not giving time to each other or not talking. So spend time with your mate. Nowadays it often happens that couples are together but their time is spent either on the phone with others with messages and calls or in some other things. But when you are with each other, enjoy every moment.