When two people are in love, they like all the good and bad habits of their partner. But with time, sometimes it seems a bit difficult to get a relationship with some habits. Due to this, there is sourness in the mind and the relationship comes on the verge of breaking up. In such a situation, if you are also in a relationship and are planning a marriage with your partner soon, then do not forget to consider these things. Let us know what are those things, only after considering which you should take a big decision like marriage.

Don't shy away from commitment: If a girl sees her life with you, she will be happy with the mere proposal of marriage. But if your girlfriend reacts coldly to the idea of ​​marriage, it could be the first sign that you are not serious about the relationship.

Keep up-to-the-minute news: If your partner keeps up-to-date information about you, like what you are doing, who you are with, etc., then he may not have full faith in you or it is a way of showing and showing his love. There may be a way, but such a nature can also be a sign of feeling insecure, which can increase after marriage.

Differences: If your girlfriend's opinion is different from yours, then it can also be a sign in the future that your relationship is not going to last long.

Ignoring your family: A good partner accepts you with all your friends and family members. But if your girlfriend tries to separate you from your friends and relatives, then there is a possibility that her behavior may become more violent after marriage.

No deal in love: A good partner always likes his partner as you are. But if your girlfriend is always taunting you about your looks, your behavior, and your shortcomings, then chances are that she will not change her behavior even after marriage. Which can later lead to a fight between the two of you.