Living with two people does not mean that their views will be the same. Thoughts of most couples are quite different from each other but both of them adjust but sometimes it happens that the partner takes such a decision, seeing which you get very angry and you see that Due to this decision from him, the relationship of both of you will be spoiled and it will also affect the personality of your partner. Come, let us know how you can deal with such a situation-

Talk to partner
The first step would be to talk to your partner. Talk to them and explain what problem you have with their decision and how this decision is not right for both of you. Talking will probably make them understand your point of view.

Listen to partner
It may also happen that you have not understood the partner's point of view properly. In such a situation, you should also listen to them and why they have taken any decision. This will also make it easier for you to decide.

Don't react suddenly
If you are getting angry on hearing this, then do not react suddenly on this matter. This can spoil the relationship between both of you. You first listen silently and then in the last say your point easily what do you think about this decision.

Take time
If you get angry too much, then you need to take time to think. In such a situation, tell the partner that you do not want to talk about it right now or if there is any problem in saying it directly, then you can also turn the matter by mentioning something else. This will also calm your anger.