Best Marriage Proposal: If you want to propose to someone, then take special care of some things for that. A small mistake can cost you dearly.

Relationship Tips: It is not easy to fall in love. Many people live with this regret throughout their life that they could never tell their heart to their crush. Even if some people do it, they do it wrongly. By doing this, their proposal gets rejected and then there is great sadness. There are some common mistakes that people make while proposing a crush, but no one pays attention to these mistakes. Let us know which mistakes should not be done while proposing a crush.

Do not do these mistakes while proposing

Do not propose in public

Some people make the mistake of proposing their love in public in front of everyone in excitement. When this happens, many times the person in front feels uncomfortable and then refuses. That's why never make the mistake of proposing in front of everyone.

Do not propose in a clichéd way

If you want to express your love, don't follow the same old worn-out ways. Always try something new for this. You may also have to face rejection due to your old style.

Do not put the ring in food and drink

Some people put rings in food items to propose. Avoid doing this. Let it happen that the ring goes into the person's mouth and he gets angry.

Choose the right place to propose

If you want to propose to someone, then choose the right place for it. The place should be such that the police feel safe. If there is no safe place then you can get rejected.

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