A ration is provided free or at low cost to the economically weaker people by the central and state governments. Wheat, rice, pulses, sugar, etc., essential items are given to the people through ration cards. During the Corona period, the central government started the free ration scheme for the financially weak people.

At the same time, now a new facility has been started by the central government regarding the ration card. Millions of people are going to get the direct benefit of this. The Modi government has started a common registration facility for the issuance of ration cards in 11 states and union territories.

The purpose of this registration is to enable homeless people, destitute migrants, and other eligible beneficiaries to apply for ration cards. The National Food Security Act provides maximum coverage for about 81.35 crore persons.

Presently, under this Act, about 79.77 crore people are given ration on a highly concessional basis. This means 1.58 crore more beneficiaries can be added to it.

Canceled ration card

Food Secretary Sudhanshu Pandey said that the purpose of the common registration facility My Ration My Right is to quickly identify the eligible beneficiaries in the states and union territories. Saathi is to help such people in issuing ration cards so that they can avail the benefits of eligibility under NFSA.

The Food Secretary informed that in the last 7 to 8 years about 4.7 crore ration cards belonging to an estimated 18 to 19 crore beneficiaries have been canceled due to various reasons.

These are 11 states

New cards are also issued on regular basis to eligible beneficiaries through States and Union Territories. Food Secretary Sudhanshu Pandey informed that initially, the new facility will be available on a pilot basis in 11 states and union territories. The same will be started in all 36 states and union territories by the end of this month.

The pilot project started in these states and union territories

Punjab and Uttarakhand