A wedding is the most special moment in the life of any human being. This day is very special, especially for women. Every girl wants to look very beautiful on her wedding day. What do women do to become beautiful brides? These days, there is a craze among women to carry a Punjabi bridal look. Girls in North India prefer to wear a chuda and a kalira during their marriage.

At the same time, the Punjabi makeup and jewellery look is also attracting women towards it. If you also want to carry a Punjabi look at your wedding, then keep these tips in mind.

Makeup for Punjabi bride

Along with the outfits of Punjabi bridal look, her make-up is also very special. These days Punjabi bridal look is quite popular among girls. If you also want to carry a Punjabi bridal makeup looks. So keep in mind that not much makeup is to be used on the face. Punjabi girls like to do light and nude makeup. You too can take ideas from this Punjabi bride's makeup look.


Talking about this makeup look, the perfect base of concealer and foundation is applied on the face. After this, she has done pink and brown smokey eye makeup. Mauve pink lipstick shade has been applied to enhance its looks. The bride's makeup look is completed by applying light pink blush and highlighter.


Along with makeup, jewellery also plays a very important role in a Punjabi bridal look. If your jewellery is not good then your whole look can be spoiled. Mangtika is very important in jewellery for the look of a Punjabi bride. Carry a choker necklace with maangtika and ChotiNath. You can also carry dice and long jewellery sets to give a royal style to your look.

HimanshiKhurana Makeup Tips

You can take ideas from HimanshiKhurana's makeup looks to carry a Punjabi bridal look. If you want to carry a sober look, this look of HimanshiKhurana can prove to be perfect. Let's know how to recreate this look of Himanshi.

The actress has done light makeup on her face. Often people think that the bride should wear dark makeup. But the trend of bridal makeup these days has changed. Earlier, when the bride was seen in dark makeup, these days brides are preferring to do light makeup. If you also want to do light makeup, then this look of Himanshi will be perfect for you. to recreate this look

  • Step- 1 Apply concealer and foundation on the face.
  • Step-2 After this set it well with the help of a beauty blender.
  • Step-3 To make the base, then do smokey eye makeup with brown eyeshadow.
  • Step-4 After applying eye makeup, complete your eye makeup look by applying mascara and kajal.
  • Step-5 Now enhances your features by applying a highlighter on the face.
  • Step-6 For a natural look, apply blush of light pink colour on the face.
  • Step-7 Now completes your makeup by applying lipstick.

HimanshiKhurana Jewellery

The headband is very much in trend these days for the Punjabi bridal look. From Bollywood actresses to common women, they like to carry a headband. If you are also going to be a bride, then definitely include a headband in your jewellery. This will give you a traditional Punjabi bridal look. Carry a choker necklace with a headband. You will definitely get a Punjabi bridal look in this jewelery set.

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