Pregnancy Diet: Women should take special care of their eating habits during pregnancy. Whatever women eat during this period has a direct impact on the pregnant woman and her unborn child. Not only about food and drink, pregnant women should also take full care of their comfort. Nutritional requirements are different during the three trimesters of pregnancy. But food in all three trimesters should be rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Many times women do not eat and drink properly during pregnancy, due to which problems may arise during delivery and the newborn baby may also become weak. Here we are telling you about some diet tips which women must follow during pregnancy. Nutritionist RichaPendake, CEO and Founder, of Nutrizoe is giving information about this.

Increase calorie intake

Increase calorie intake in diet during pregnancy. The child develops in the mother's womb. Therefore, pregnant women need more calories during this time. At this time, fresh fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables should be included in the diet.

Due to hormonal changes, women have different food cravings during this time, so you should satisfy them. But at the same time keep the diet rich in nutrients. Experts recommend taking the rainbow diet at this time.

Choose your food wisely

During this time, women should choose their food very carefully because food-borne diseases can easily occur during this time. Therefore, stay away from raw meat or eggs, seafood and outside fried foods.

Do not eat these fruits during pregnancy

During pregnancy, eat two seasonal fruits a day. This is very important to provide nutrition to the body. However, papaya and pineapple are not considered safe to eat during pregnancy. Therefore stay away from them.

Stay away from caffeine drinks

One should stay away from tea, coffee and alcohol during pregnancy. Consume sugar and junk food also within limits. Include fruit juices, coconut water and similar healthy drinks in your diet. Excessive amounts of caffeine can affect the heart rate and growth of the child.

These nutrients are necessary in the diet

Many nutrients in the diet are very important during pregnancy so that hormonal function remains normal and the immune system also remains strong. Vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics are very important during this time. Apart from this, if the doctor has advised you to take any supplement, then take it on time.

Pay attention to the timing of eating and drinking

Often women pay attention to eating healthy during pregnancy but do not take care of the right time of eating. Let us tell you that at this time, women should not remain hungry for long, they should keep eating something in between and especially the three main meals should be taken on time.

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