Indian people are also fond of travelling along with work. Whenever they get time for two to three days, Indians go out for a walk. But those who go for a walk keep going to the same old places who already know about it. But there is such a supernatural place in Himachal Pradesh about which very few tourists know.

Yes, the city of Matiana of Himachal Pradesh is famous not only in Himachal Pradesh but in the whole of India for its immense beauty. In this article, we are going to tell you about some amazing places located in Matiana, where once you go you can forget to visit other places in Himachal Pradesh. Let's know.

Narkanda Hatu trek

If there is any most famous and popular place to visit in Matiana, then its name is Narkanda Hatu Trek. After seeing the high mountains, dense forests and greenery everywhere, you would like to be in Matiana. This place shines the most during snowfall. Here you can see the boundless beauty along with trekking.

Apple Orchid garden View

If you want to enjoy the apple along with walking in the beautiful plains of Matiana, then you can go to visit Apple Orchid Garden View. This place is famous for not one but many amazing views. From here you can enjoy the beautiful weather along with walking in the apple orchards. Let us tell you that one must reach here to see the sunrise and sunset.

Hatu Mata Temple

The Hatu Mata Temple in Matiana is a holy site as well as a popular tourist destination. Due to being present at the top of the hill, a large number of tourists reach here to roam. Deodar trees and high mountains present all around can compel the tourists to come. It is believed that Hatu Mata Temple is the temple of Mandodari, wife of LankapatiRavana.

Enjoy these activities

If you are a nature lover, then once you visit Matiana, you would like to visit this place. Here you can enjoy a nature walk along with trekking. Here you can enjoy sweet-sweet apples.

How to reach?

You can reach Matiana very easily from Shimla. In such a situation, you can go from Delhi, Haryana, Punjab etc. to join the city and go to visit Matiana. Let us tell you that the distance between Matiana from Delhi is about 386 kilometers. Let us tell you that the distance from Shimla to Matiana is about 44 kilometers. Let us also tell you that it falls between Shimla and Narkanda.

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