The importance of performing Pind Daan during Pitru Paksha is considered to be the highest. Pind Daan is done with full rituals. Let us tell you that performing Panchbali Karma during Pitru Paksha also has special significance. It is believed that this gives peace to the souls of the ancestors. Along with this, Panchbali Karma also has much importance.

What is Panchbali Karma?

Let us tell you that doing Panchbali Karma during Pitru Paksha means doing Panchbali Bhog with law and order. By applying Panchbali Bhog, the special grace of ancestors remains in the family. PanchaliBhog is also told in Garuda Purana. PanchaliBhog is performed during Pitru Paksha to offer offerings to five types of living beings.

Let us tell you that there are different reasons behind offering food to every living being. Shradh Karma is not considered complete without PanchabaliBhog. It is believed that our ancestors feed on these five living beings.

Which five living beings are offered a blog?

Let us tell you that in Panchbali Bhog, the matter of offering five types of living beings has also been told in many Hindu scriptures. The first Bhog of Panchbali Bhog is called Go Bali and this Bhog is taken out for the cow. After this, the second bhog is taken out for the dogs, which is called Kukkur Bali. Then the third bhog is offered to the crow and it is called Kak Bali.

After this, the fourth bhog is called Dev Bali and that bhog is taken out for all the deities. After this, the fifth bhog is taken out for the ants which are called Pipilikadi Bali.

In the end, the offerings of the deities are immersed in water. All these enjoyments are taken out by reciting the mantras mentioned in the scriptures and one by one, all the bhog is given to all the living beings.

What is the significance of Panchbali Bhog?

According to religious belief, Shradh is not considered complete without offering Panchbali during Pitru Paksha and not doing it does not give peace to the souls of the ancestors as their enjoyment remains incomplete.

Because of this, Panchbali Bhog should be done in Pitru Paksha with the rules and regulations so that the ancestors can get satisfaction.

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