Piles are such a problem that millions of people are troubled. This disease occurs due to prolonged constipation, obesity, and sitting or standing for hours. Piles, fissures, and fistulas occur due to constipation. The disease of constipation increases the impurities in the body, due to which digestion starts to deteriorate. This disease troubles women during pregnancy. Piles are mainly swollen blood vessels.

In this disease, a hard lump is felt around the anus. Talking about the symptoms of this disease, there is itching around the anus and a sticky feeling around the anus. The main symptoms of this disease are pain, discomfort, bleeding, and swelling near the anus. Diet plays an important role in the disease of piles.

If you are also troubled by the symptoms of hemorrhoids, then make some changes in the diet. To relieve the symptoms of hemorrhoids, it is necessary to stay away from certain foods. Let us know from Dr. Sukhwinder Singh, Specialist of CK, Birla Hospital, which foods are necessary to avoid to reduce the symptoms of Piles.

Avoid fast food: If you want to control the symptoms of piles, then avoid fast food. French fries, fried momos, samosas, kachoris, and fast foods, foods rich in oil and spices make the digestive system weak. These foods cause constipation. The symptoms of piles increase when there is constipation.

Avoid white bread: Consumption of white bread increases the problem of constipation. White bread prepared from refined flour spoils digestion and increases the problem of constipation.

Avoid tea and coffee: If you are troubled by the symptoms of hemorrhoids, then do not consume tea and coffee at all in the diet. Consumption of tea and coffee can aggravate the symptoms of piles. If you want to drink tea, then take herbal tea. Consumption of herbal tea reduces swelling and blood and swelling during bowel movements.

Quit Cigarettes Immediately: Patients with piles should stop consuming intoxicants. Cigarettes and gutka can increase this problem.