Wherever you live in India, you must have come across pigeons, they look very beautiful and cute. You must have liked feeding it and blowing it in your hand, but when it roams around your house or in the streets, it can become a cause of tension. Usually, they beat so much on your window sill, AC exhaust, balcony, and terrace, that it becomes difficult to clean. Let us know how this dirt can be easily cleaned.

How to clean pigeon beat
Pigeon's beat should be cleaned regularly because if it remains around you for a long time, it can create dirt and it will create a risk of infection. If it is not cleaned during the rainy season then disease can attack. Many types of viruses, bacteria, and antigens are found in pigeon beats and broken feathers, which cause a lot of damage to your respiratory system. Lungs can also be damaged by this. It takes a lot of effort to clean bird droppings because they become hard after drying, but with some simple measures, your problem will be solved soon.

These things will be needed
To clean the pigeon's beat, first, collect some things, with the help of this your work will be done easily. Keep antiseptic liquid, white vinegar, washing liquid, scrub, and a bucket of water with you and get to work.

Cleaning like this
Take an equal quantity of washing liquid and white vinegar in a bucket and mix twice the amount of water. When the solution is ready, spread it on the balcony and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Now clean it with the help of a scrub. In the end, spray antiseptic liquid so that the risk of infection goes away.

How to stop pigeons from coming into the balcony?
The best way to prevent pigeons from coming to the balcony is to put a net on this place, some people also protect this area by putting iron or steel net. You can also put plastic forks on AC or railing so that birds do not sit at these places.

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