The practice of wrapping food in aluminum cans or aluminum foil is seen in almost every household. Be it packing tiffin or the dishes coming from the market come packed in all aluminium, but do you know that you are taking slow poison with food through this aluminum?
If you do not get aluminum foil while packing the tiffin of husband or child at home, then you will be worried a lot? You would think that the food in tiffin will cool down quickly and it will not look good, but do you know that this concern of yours is going to play with the health of your loved ones, because food packed in aluminum foil is like poison in the body. It works and causes many serious diseases.
Food is not only packaged in aluminum foil but also from cooking to grilling and this process is extremely dangerous. Not only this, if food is kept in the foil for a long time then it is even more dangerous. Due to this, all the nutrients of the food start getting exhausted. Heating or keeping food in foil is the most harmful.Eating in aluminum foil or box not only affects physical but also mental development. From bones to immunity, it has a bad effect.
The World Health Organization report also states that if hot food is kept in aluminum foil or cans, it draws more aluminum into the food than it needs. It is even more harmful to eat spicy food. Studies have found that increasing the amount of aluminum in the body leads to its serious consequences in the form of cancer and Alzheimer's. This stops the growth of brain cells, due to which the memory starts to weaken.
Dangers on the body of aluminum foil
Joint pain- If the amount of aluminum continues to increase continuously in the body, then it starts making bones weak. Joint pain, osteoporosis and bones start to make a knocking sound.
The risk of infection increases - aluminum parts also start getting absorbed in the blood, due to which the immune system decreases, increasing the risk of infection.
Risk of kidney and dementia- The increased amount of aluminum in it also increases the risk of serious diseases like kidney problems and dementia.
Effect on memory- Food kept or cooked in hot aluminum also causes memory loss.Don't forget to do this work
Sour foods, better not to keep hot food in aluminum foil. Keeping citrus fruits or foods in foil disturbs their chemical balance and things can become poisonous. If a small part of it goes inside while eating food, then it can cause cancer. Wrapping hot food in aluminum foil causes it to melt, due to which its elements get mixed in the food. Never pack leftover food in aluminum foil.