Dental Problems Home Remedies: If you are troubled by the problem of tooth cavity or worms, then you can deal with this problem by making herbal tooth powder. Today we tell you how to make this powder.

Herbal Powder For Tooth Cavity: If the teeth are not taken care of properly, the problem of getting worms i.e. cavity in the teeth is becoming common these days. Due to cavity, the tooth starts appearing black and at the same time becomes hollow from inside. If this cavity is not treated in time, then all the teeth can also rot completely, after which it is possible to get them all out. Today, to get rid of this problem, we tell you about such herbal powder, which you can easily prepare at home too.

This is how you can make herbal tooth powder

To prevent the formation of a cavity in the teeth, take an equal quantity of dry neem leaves powder, cinnamon powder, clove powder, and liquorice powder. After that mix them all together. After this your Herbal Tooth Powder is ready. After this, clean your teeth by applying this powder on the toothbrush every morning and evening. By doing this, not only will the cavity in the teeth stop, but all your teeth will shine. This powder helps you to remove the frozen pyorrhea from the teeth and also eliminates the bad smell coming from the mouth.

The smell coming from the mouth also ends

You can clean your teeth with this powder. Its not one but many benefits are available to the teeth. It cleans the teeth, removes bad breath from the mouth, gets rid of tooth decay and helps in getting rid of accumulated pyorrhea.

These solutions are also useful

Along with Herbal Tooth Powder, you can also try some other home remedies to prevent tooth decay. You can brush with cinnamon oil in your toothpaste. By doing this, the smell of the mouth and the decay of the teeth goes away. You can also clean your teeth by adding clove oil to your toothpaste. This is also a better way to eliminate cavity and brighten teeth. Apart from this, put some coconut in your mouth and swish it around and then rinse it. By doing this also, the formation of cavity in the teeth stops.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Before adopting it, please seek medical advice. Kalamtimes does not confirm this.)