Fraud Alert: Fraudsters are adopting new methods of online fraud. In this era of working from home, many people are looking for online jobs. Fraudsters are taking advantage of this. Recently, a woman has cheated of Rs 1.13 lakh in the name of an online job. The case is of Nagpur. According to the police, the woman was promised a hefty salary.

According to the information, the 23-year-old woman was sent a message on her phone by a stranger on December 4. The sender claimed to be a project manager for an e-commerce firm. The woman was promised an online job offer of Rs 5000 per day. Along with this, a link was given in the message. Clicking on the link opened an online page where to register.

Some money also had to be paid for registration. The woman paid and got herself registered. After that more requests for money kept pouring in and the woman kept on paying until she realized that it was a scam. A total of Rs 1.13 lakh was cheaed from the woman. He approached the police and filed a case of cheating under IPC section 420. Police said that investigation is on to identify the culprits.

How to avoid online scams
1. Do not click on links from unknown people. Be careful with the links you get from your friends and family.

2. Be careful even if you think the link is from a popular website, e-commerce site, or bank website. Sometimes links are prepared under fake names also.

3. Don't be too greedy. Don't believe job promises from strangers. Especially when there is an extremely attractive salary being offered.

4. Do not make any online payment on the websites. Always check the company's URL first. Also, check whether HTTPS:// is written in the URL or not. Here s stands for Secure Connection.

5. Always check the spelling of the website. Fake websites usually use misspellings.