Who does not know Elon Musk around the world and his self-drive Tesla car, which costs more than 4 million, Tesla is not ready to set up a production and assembly plant in India. In such a situation, this Taiwanese company has come forward. Like Tesla, which is working on a self-drive autonomous bus, that a driverless bus. Such things have started going on in Taiwan and soon these concept driverless electric buses will be launched in India's big institutions and universities within the initial years. Not only this, special care will be taken for road safety in these buses. If we talk about its specification, then four active radars have been installed in it, which can scan any nearby object or vehicle and make a proper distance from it. Laser and thermal devices have also been installed, so that the bus can be seen even at night time, keeping distance from the surrounding sisters and keeping in mind the road safety, 7 all-weather night vision cameras have been installed inside it, adaptive cruise From control to many features like Doppler advanced devices.

At present, 12 passengers can travel on this bus simultaneously. Its capacity will be increased further in the coming years. On a single charge, it can travel up to 120 km without a driver. Right now its price is as much as 3 crore Indian rupees, but in the coming years, its price can be reached up to two crores. Under the Team India project of the Government of India, 7000 electric buses are being purchased. Under this, a Taiwanese company is setting up a big plant in Pune, India. In which such state-of-the-art buses will be manufactured. At present, adaptive cruise control has been installed with 8 cameras. Due to this electric buses will make public transport more secure.

240 km will run on a single charge
The biggest problem with Indian roads is that there should be a floor for the elderly and disabled to climb from the bus stand, but sometimes the condition of the roads is bad, in such a situation, the maintenance of low-floor buses becomes very expensive. To overcome this dilemma and problem, Taiwan company has designed a specific model bus for India, which is an electric vehicle, whose range can be up to 240 kilometers on a single charge, but the most important thing in This is that through computerized technology with the help of hydraulics, its entire platform can be made low floor and then the high floor, that is, ready to run on any kind of condition from bad roads to gallop expressway of Taiwan. Made in India buses are made with technology.