The incidence of online fraud is on the rise. Every day new techniques are discovered for cyber criminal fraud. These criminals are so vicious that even your smallest mistake can do you great harm. Sometimes Paytm KYC sometimes cheats such people in the name of updating credit cards. So people need to be vigilant.

WhatsApp usage is now commonplace in the world of mobile internet. However, now cyber criminals keep searching for their prey through WhatsApp. It often happens that people click on a link on WhatsApp without any thought.

Such a cyber criminal sends a phishing link to your WhatsApp number. This link may also appear on your computer. This link may be linked to some interesting information or offer. This type of link is more common during the festive season. Because in the meanwhile there is an abundance of online shopping and various offers. You click on a link that opens a page in front of you. Your personal information is requested on this page. Personal information such as name, mobile number, e-mail id, bank account number, PAN card number, Aadhaar card number, debit card or credit card etc.

You fill in the details so that hackers will have access to all your information. Based on this information hackers can access your bank account. If they find your bank account details, the amount deposited in your account will be transferred.