People loved the Korean drama squid game. Now fans are eagerly awaiting season 2 of this drama series. At the same time, Netflix recently announced that they will be bringing a show called 'Squid Game: The Challenge' which will be similar to 'Squid Game'. Netflix is ​​coming up with a reality show inspired by 'Squid Game' which is going to be very interesting.

Let me tell you, in this game you don't have to put your life in a line like 'Squid Game'. Instead, the losing competitor will be thrown out of the game.

The winner will get a prize of crores

The reality show will feature 456 contestants from around the world. In this show players will get to play different games, based on which the winner will be selected. The loser in this game will be out of the game forever. According to media reports, the reality show will have a total of 10 episodes. Competitors who reach the end after winning all the games will get a prize of Rs 36 crore.

The game will be full of surprises

If you have seen the 'Squid Game' series, it will be very easy for you to guess the pattern of the game. In this show you will get to play different types of games, which you will know only after participating in it. You will not be given any advance information about the game. The show will also focus on the players' tactics, friendships and decisions. The player has to keep blowing his every move. Viewers are eagerly awaiting this upcoming show. Let me tell you that Mr. Beast, one of America's top creators, came up with the idea for Netflix to create a drama series. In this game, you don't really have to lose your life, but when you lose the game, you get to hear the sound of a bullet shot. No one will be harmed in this game. The show will be shot in the UK and only those who have a good knowledge of English will be able to take part in the show.