The festival of Navratri has started. Garba and Dandiya are celebrated everywhere during this festival. For which women are most excited. Women have a different hobby of looking the most beautiful at this time for this she uses different types of makeup products. Women like to apply lipstick the most in makeup, but many times it happens that while doing the Garba, you miss your lipstick. Due to this sometimes your whole look also starts looking bad.

In such a situation, if your lipstick also flies quickly, or spreads, then today we will tell you some tips by which you can try to make your lipstick long-lasting.

Take care of lips properly

Before applying lipstick, we need to keep in mind that our lips are also beautiful. If our lips are dry and chapped, then there are more chances of missing the lipstick. In such a situation, we need to take care of our lips properly to keep the lipstick long-lasting. You use lip balm to make the lips soft. You can also use homemade lip balm. You can use rose water as well. This will also make your lips look soft and supple.

Use lip liner

Lip liner has a very important role in making the lip liner look beautiful. Lip liner helps to define, reshape and fill the lipstick properly. Try to choose the lip liner according to your skin tone and the colour of the lipstick and outline the outer side of the lips well, then apply the lipstick inside it. By doing this your lip shade will stay on for a long time.

Use Dark Color

For Garba Night, try to choose dark-coloured lipstick. This will also enhance your look. Also, there will be less chance of the lipstick coming off. In dark colours, you can use brown, or red shade or you can apply them according to your dress.

Apply matte lip shade

The chances of leaving a matte lip shade are less. In such a situation, you should try to apply matte lip shade only.

pic credit : freepik, meesho


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