While applying nail polish to your hands or doing a manicure, you often take care that your slight negligence does not spoil the beauty of your hands. But you may not be able to pay attention at that time that how to avoid air bubbles coming in the nails while applying nail polish. Your slightest mistake not only spoils the coating of your nail polish and also reduces the attractiveness of the nails.

If air bubbles appear on your nails even once, you have no option but to re-apply them. Let us tell you how you can prevent bubbles from forming in your nail polish and how you can maintain the beauty of your nails.

Why do air bubbles appear in nail polish?

If you notice while applying nail polish, bubbles mostly appear during the drying process when air gets trapped between the layers of polish. There could be a few reasons for this like your nail polish layer is too thick, you haven't waited long enough before applying the next coat, you haven't applied a clear base coat or you use expired nail polish. be using. Any of these reasons can damage your nails along with your nail polish.

How to avoid air bubbles in nail polish

Clean your nails

Whenever you are going to apply nail polish, its preparation is very important for you. New nail polish is never able to stick well on dirty nails or on nails that have already been nail polished. That's why it is important for you to always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before applying nail polish. Wait for your nails to dry completely. Then, wipe them off with a cotton ball soaked in acetone or nail polish remover so that there are no marks on the nails after that apply fresh nail polish.

Always apply a base coat

Apply nail primer before applying nail polish and always apply a base coat before applying nail polish to get a smooth base. Applying a base coat not only makes the nails look shiny, but it also enhances your manicure. Since your nails draw off natural oils that prevent nail polish from sticking to nails properly, a base coat is the best way to seal these oils.

Inspect nail polish

Always note that before applying nail polish, you should first check its consistency. Always check that the nail polish is not old or thick. If the nail polish looks thick, grime, or sticky, do not apply it to the nails. Such nail polish can spoil your nails. You can also apply by diluting your dry or thick nail polish with a thinner.

Apply thin coat

Always apply thin coats to avoid bubbles of nail polish. Do not put too much of it in the nail polish brush because even thick nail polish takes a long time to dry. The best way to apply nail polish is with three short, even strokes. Apply a coat down the middle first and then one down on each side of the nail. Lift the brush as high as possible and always wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying a second coat. Once you've finished applying your nail color, apply a topcoat.

Quick-dry nail polish

To help your nail polish dry quickly and prevent any creasing or air bubbles, submerge your nails in a bowl of ice-cold water for about a minute. Also, avoid bathing in hot water after polishing your nails for at least two hours. With the use of hot water, the nail polish starts coming out quickly.

Store nail polish properly

Keep your nail polish upright in a cool and dark place with an even temperature so that its consistency is maintained properly. Always wipe the neck of the bottle with a cotton swab soaked in remover before placing it. Nail polish does not dry quickly due to proper storage and also does not get air bubbles on it.

By adopting these simple methods, you can avoid air bubbles in the nail polish and also maintain the beauty of your hands and nails.

Image Credit:freepik