You and all of us want our nails to look beautiful and for this, we also get different types of nail art done on our nails. If we talk about the bridal look, nowadays every other bride like you and us wants to look stylish and up-to-date. At the same time, to make nails beautiful, glitter nail art is seen in trend.

So today we are going to show you some of the latest designs of glitter nail art, which you can choose for your wedding and make your look beautiful.

Ombre nail art design

Nowadays this type of double-shade nail art is being liked a lot. Let us tell you that if your outfit is of pastel colour or similar double colour, then this type of nail art will be perfect for you. Let us tell you that if you want, instead of one nail, you can apply glitter on 2 to 3 nails in different ways.

Full Glitter Design Nail Art

If you like glitter nail art and want to get full-work glitter, then this type of design will be perfect for you. You can choose colours like golden-silver, light pink-magenta in it.

Stonework glitter nail art design

Nowadays stonework is very much liked. Let us tell you that this type of design is especially special for the bride. This is because such a design looks very heavy to see. If you want, you can also get pearls attached to the stone.

Glitter nail art with metallic colour

Visually, such a metallic colour looks unique, bold and unique. Let us tell you that you can carry this type of design in all kinds of colours. Along with this, you can get glitter done with one to three fingers according to your choice. Apart from this, if you want, you can also choose a matte colour instead of a glossy.

Image Courtesy: pinterest, instagram