Running is one such physical activity, which is liked by children to adults. Sometimes people do running in the form of a challenge with others to keep themselves fit. It is also considered a good exercise for weight loss. There is no doubt that running is good for your health.

But still, many people avoid running. They often hear a lot about it from people. Due to this, theyfeel that if they run then it can harm them. Maybe you have also heard a lot about running from people's mouths. But before accepting anything as true, you should know about its real truth. So today in this article we are telling you about some myths related to running and their truth-

Myth 1- Running will damage your knees

Truth- This is a common myth, which people often believe. They feel that if they run regularly it will damage their knees soon, while this is not true. Often you feel knee pain due to running, so it is often due to imbalance and weakness in the muscles. Therefore, by running in the right posture and paying attention to your diet, you do not need to worry about your knees.

Myth 2- It is necessary to have a specific body type for running.

Truth- Many people avoid running because they feel that their body type is not fit for it and running requires a certain body type. For example, people whose upper part of the body is heavy, often do not run. While there is nothing like that. Anybody type can do running. You just need to have the right way of running.

Myth 3- Runners don't need to do strength training

Truth- You must have often heard people saying that if a person does running then there is no need to do strength training. You might think so too, but it's just a myth. Strength training helps to boost your performance as well as reduce the chances of injury while running. Strength training strengthens your muscles, which also protects against injury caused by muscle imbalances.

Myth 4- Running in a marathon makes you healthier.

Truth- This statement is not entirely true. Marathon is a big physical challenge and if during this we push the body excessively, the chances of damage to the body increase manifold. So, if you have just started running and feel that you are not ready for a marathon yet, avoid it. At the same time, if you want to run a marathon, then it is necessary to train properly for this. When you run a marathon after training properly, it strengthens muscles and bones. It also has a positive effect on your heart.

So now you should also avoid blindly believing anyone's words and first try to know the truth of that matter. However, the myths and illusions related to running must have been removed from your mind.

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