If we talk about women, then we ignore many things related to their health and their body. Shame is felt about many things and it is understood that women should not talk about these things. One of them is female masturbation, which is completely ignored, leaving aside the needs of women.

Most women are too shy to even talk about it. But studies from many universities, including Harvard University, show that it is very good for women's health.

It is good, but do we have some basic information about it? Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OBGYN), and infertility specialist Dr Tanushree Pandey Padgaonkar has shared things related to this on her Instagram account. We take you through the Harvard report as well as the myths and facts told by Dr Tanushree.

What does the report say about female masturbation?

A research study published in Harvard Health Publishing suggests that masturbation is good for women. However, it has been told in this report that most women do not pay attention to their happiness and they do not get it even while having a relationship. In this study, it has also been told about the age of women that the need and importance of masturbation start changing at different ages.

A 2019 report by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) also makes similar claims and believes that it improves women's health.

Myths about female masturbation

Now let's talk about the myths and facts related to female masturbation, which most women are unaware of.

Biggest Myth: Women Don't Masturbation

You will be surprised to know, that many people feel that women do not masturbate and they do not even need it. No, this is the biggest myth and women do it as much as men. Yes, the method is completely different.

Biggest Myth: Women who masturbate have no good character

You would agree that such things are part of our common thinking. But even though the structure of the body of women is different, it is also important for them. The Harvard study mentioned above tells you that it is essential for their body. If you read the benefits of female masturbation on Google, then you probably will not think about it. This is scientific and should not be confused with anything else.

Biggest Myth: Women do it to look cool

No, and not at all. As mentioned above, this may be a requirement of a woman's body and can be considered a personal choice, but it is wrong to think that someone is doing it to look cool or anything like that.

Biggest Myth: Only Vaginal Masturbation Happens

Not only do men believe this myth, but women also think the same, but Dr Tanushree says that this is not true. You can touch your body anywhere and it depends on personal preference. This is a very personal decision and you have every right to explore your sexuality.

Facts about female masturbation

We have come to know about the myths related to it, but do we also know about its facts?

  • The biggest fact is that it is completely healthy as long as you do not use anything else.
  • It also removes mental stress, which most people do not know about.
  • Masturbation is the right way to become aware of your body.
  • There are very few cases of excessive masturbation or addiction.
  • A 2020 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that it can help improve your personal life.
  • This is a good way for women to orgasm.

If you have any personal problem about which you are not able to consult a doctor.

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