People have been applying Multani Mitti for centuries to clean and brighten their faces and Multani Mitti is considered very beneficial for our faces as well. Please tell that Multani Mitti is also very beneficial for our face and hair. In this article, we are going to tell about the benefits of Multani Mitti.

Applying Multani Mitti on the face removes stains, spots, oil, and many other things on the face and our face becomes completely clean. Multani mitti is mainly known for fighting acne and pimples of the skin.

According to Dr. Rashmi Sharma, people who have oily skin should use Multani Mitti, Multani Mitti helps to purify and remove sebum secretion from the face.

Applying Multani Mitti in the summer season gives coolness to the face, and Multani Mitti also protects your face from the waves of hot winds.