Morning Special Tea: While there is a danger of corona infection on the one hand, on the other hand, it is also necessary to protect ourselves from cold. What should be included in the diet to prevent cold, so that the body gets warm, nutritionist Kavita Devgan is telling-
Include foods that warm naturally from the inside. Increase the use of whole spices like cloves, cumin in the food. Add black pepper to your curry, add some dried coconut flakes to recipes and have lots of green leafy vegetables. They protect you from cold.

Morning tea is spicy
200 grams dry ginger, 200 grams green cardamom, 100 grams whole black pepper, 50 grams cloves, 50 grams cinnamon, eight-bay leaves, two nutmegs, dry them all in the sun for two hours or heat them lightly in a pan, just to remove moisture. For. Then grind these spices in a dry grinder and sieve them through a sieve. Now store the mixture of these spices in an airtight jar. Now whenever you feel like drinking tea, add a pinch of these spices. These spices give warmth to the body. Ginger tea can also be taken. Boil 2 cloves in a cup of water. Add 1/4 tsp ground ginger to it and let it cook. Then sieve it in a cup. Drink honey and lemon mixed in it. The capsaicin present in ginger activates the nervous system of the body and keeps the body warm. On the other hand, clove is good for keeping shortness of breath away.