Tips To Grow Money Plant: If money plant growth has stopped, then today we are going to share some such tips with the help of which you will be able to take good care of the money plant comfortably.

Tips To Grow Money Plant In Water: It is considered very auspicious to plant a money plant. If you too have planted a money plant with a great interest for the happiness and prosperity of your home, but suddenly its growth has stopped, or even after taking great care of the money plant, it is not growing properly, then today we are going to share with you the tips of how to increase it.

In this way, care money plant

Money plant can be installed anywhere. If you want, you can plant it in both soil and water. If new roots are not coming out in your plant, then it is better that you support it with the soil. Trim its leaves and then put its stem in the pot. Then cover it by pouring soil over it. Do not use fertilizer in the beginning, otherwise, its roots may rot.

Take care of money olant in water

If you want to keep the money plant in water, then whenever you change the water of the money plant, just put a tablet of aspirin in it. You change the water of the money plant once in 15 to 20 days. Keep in mind that the node of the money plant should remain under water or else the growth will not happen properly.

Take care of the money planted in the soil like this

Do not allow direct sunlight to fall on the money plant. You can add Epsom salt to it for its good growth. Do not pour water daily into the money plant, by doing this its growth will be good. Never add too much fertilizer to it or else the roots may get damaged and the leaves may also get burnt.

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