People generally use WhatsApp platforms for chatting. WhatsApp, which comes under Meta, has become very much associated with people's lives. In such a situation, whenever any new update or feature comes in, the users become very excited. The social media platform WhatsApp has recently given good news to the people. Meta has demonstrated the new AI-powered feature. Under this, now WhatsApp users will get the benefit of the Meta AI feature. However, currently, this facility has been limited to only a few users.

Now you can talk to AI on WhatsApp
While conversing with this AI model, it will seem as if you are having a normal conversation with another person. Let us tell you that its custom model Lima-2 is a generative text model. Additionally, Meta's large language model will enhance the general chat experience without any interruption. Meta has entered into a strategic partnership with Microsoft Bing to power text-based conversations with real-time insights.

This is how you can use Meta AI on WhatsApp
The benefit of the Meta AI feature on WhatsApp has currently reached only a few users. It is being told in the news that the Meta AI feature has been launched in the beta version. You can use this feature in the English language.
To use it you have to click on its icon.
After this, a new window will open.
After this, you will have to agree to all the conditions.
Then a template has to be selected, after which you can ask your questions to the Meta AI chatbot.

Information about photo generation tool
The most unique feature of the Meta AI tool is that through the photo generation tool, photos will be generated through text prompt in a few moments. You can also choose the text prompt as per your choice. This feature of Meta also works in chat groups. At present the company has limited this facility to America only.

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