This year Rakshabandhan is falling on the 11th of August. Even before the arrival of Rakshabandhan, women start shopping. On this day, along with traditional outfits, women also do not forget to decorate, especially on this day there is a trend of applying mehndi in women. There are many beautiful designs of mehndi, but if you are looking for a mehndi that will be easy to apply and also look beautiful on your hands, then you should go for this mehndi design with mesh.

You can apply Mehandi with mesh on your hands in many ways. Let us show you some of its designs.

Mehndi Design-1

In this mehndi design, you can apply heavy designs on the fingers and make a chain-like net on the rest of the palm. It is up to you to decide whether to make the traps small or keep them large. Along with this, you can also choose the design of the mesh according to you. If you are making large nets, you can make designs inside the nets.

Mehndi Design-2

You can also make a flower design net. This mehndi design can also be seen in this picture. You can apply this mehndi on both the palm and the back of the hand. There are many flower designs, which you can apply to your palm. Not only this, you can make a net by making flowers at each joint.

Mehndi Design-3

Whatever design you make in the middle of the palm and outline it with a mehndi design with meshwork. This type of mehndi design looks very beautiful and different. Not only is this but it also made quickly.

Mehndi Design-4

You can apply mehndi design with meshwork in half hand also. You can also see such a design in this picture. In this type of design, Boondi design and Heartshape design can also be applied. This mehndi design also gets caught in the hands very quickly.

Mehndi Design-5

If you want to apply henna by filling your hands, then you must see this picture once. Along with the contemporary design of mehndi, there is also a mehndi design with meshwork. By making a net in this type of design, your hands will look full and the mehndi will also look beautiful.

This time in Rakshabandhan, you can also apply the mehndi designs shown above.


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