Make Chikki At Home: Chikkis is one of our favorite snacks during the winter season. Eating these snacks in the winter season has its own benefits. At the same time, we all know the benefits of jaggery, along with purifying the blood, it keeps the body warm in winter. At the same time, peanuts are also very hot, which is very good for health. So let's know how to make Chikki at home
150 grams roasted peanuts
5 green cardamoms
3 tbsp sesame oil
100 grams ground jaggery
water as needed

How to make chikki
To make Chikki, first, rub the peanut between your fingers and clean its skin. Now take out the unpeeled peanuts on another plate. Take a pan and keep it on medium flame and add some water to it. Put jaggery in this pan and stir it with a spoon until the jaggery dissolves completely. Let the jaggery syrup boil on medium flame while stirring occasionally.
Keep stirring until you see small bubbles. Now reduce the flame. Then add peanuts and cardamom. Now, switch off the flame. Now grease a tray with oil. Then once the mixture cools down, put it on the tray and cut it into pieces. Once it hardens you can serve it.