We all have different lip shapes. That's why sometimes we do not like the shape of our lips. But you can change the shape of your lips with the help of lipstick. By using lipstick in the right way, you can easily give the desired shape to your lips. Today we will tell you how you should apply lipstick according to your lips.

Lips heavy from the top

If your top lip is heavy then you should line your entire lip. But put a little more emphasis on your bottom line. Apply a shade of bright lipstick to your bottom lip and choose a darker shade of the same color for the top lip. Apply a dab of white or nude eyeshadow to the center and lower lip. This will make both your lips look equal.

Lips heavy from the bottom

Girls who have heavy bottom lips can apply lipstick in two ways. Along with this, it depends on you how you want the shape of your lips. If you want fuller lips, apply lip liner around the edges of your upper lip and then use gloss lipstick. Apart from this, girls who like narrow pout should apply lip liner inside the edge of their lower lip and use dark-colored lipstick. By applying lipstick in this way, your lips will look more beautiful.

Thin lips

If you have thin lips, then for this you should outline about 5 mm above and below your lip line. You should give a round shape to the outline of the lip. After outlining, apply dark shade lipstick on your lower lip and light shade lipstick on the upper lip. After this, with the help of a lip brush, rub both lips. This will make your lips look thicker.

Even lips

If you have uneven lips, apply small strokes of lip liner to the edges of the lips, creating a V shape. Now in this way again apply the line on the other side of the upper lip outside the natural lip line. After you have applied it on the upper lip, apply lip liner from the left corner of the bottom lip and then move in and out of the natural lip and do the same on the right side.

Apart from this, apply the lipstick of two different tones for uneven lips. To make the lips pop, apply a light tone on the thin area and a dark tone on the other side. Then blend it well. By doing this your lips will not look uneven.

Overlarge lips

Overlarge lips tend to dominate our face. Girls who have overlarge lips should always use rich matte lipsticks with softer lip colors. This is because lipstick in these shades will make your lips look soft and even. If you want that everyone's eyes to not go on your overlarge lips, then for this you should use lip liner inside your natural lips and you should apply the lipstick of nude lipstick shade.

Flat lips

Flat-shaped lips tend to have fewer curves, which means they don't have a bow shape at the top. To create a curve on your lips, apply lip liner all over the lip and focus more on the M shape of the lips. There is no dimension of any kind on flat lips, so do not use dark-colored lipstick. This is because dark colors will make your lips look smaller.

For flat lips, you should use only soft and light lip colors. To make flat lips look thicker, you should apply lipstick all over the lip and then use a shimmery highlighter in the center of the lips.

Take special care of these things

  • After creating any kind of lip shape, you should use foundation.
  • With this, you will be able to hide your natural or unnatural lip line.
  • If you want that people's attention does not go to your lips, then use makeup on your eyes and cheeks in the right way.
  • You can shape your lips with the help of lip liner. But always choose the color of the lip liner according to the color of your lips.

Image Credit: Freepik.com